Crankshafts & Conrods

Your vehicle’s engine crankshaft is a key component of your car, providing rotational movement to drive the conrods and to move them up and down. This part of your vehicle’s engine is prone to a number of serious issues and therefore requires regular inspection and maintenance over time. If these parts become worn down, the engine may begin to produce a knocking sound and eventually cause catastrophic damage to your vehicle’s engine.

We are experts in the reconditioning and replacement of crankshaft and conrods components, so if you suspect that your vehicle’s engine may require work to bring it back in full working order, we can carry out a full check up and then repair or replace parts as required. As we only use the highest quality parts, you can be sure that, whether you have a modern diesel or petrol model, or a much loved classic vehicle, our professional team have all of the necessary skills and experience to tackle the job and complete it to the highest standards.

Thanks to our cutting-edge workshop facilities, we have everything on hand to complete the work to your specifications. You’re sure to be impressed by our competitive prices on all reconditioning and repair work, so contact our highly experienced and friendly team today to find out how we can help you. With more than 45 years of experience behind us in the engine reconditioning industry, you can depend on us to tackle jobs of any size or type.

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