The Barum Engines team are proud to have been in the engine reconditioning industry for more than 45 years, and our outstanding level of expertise ensures that we have all of the knowledge necessary to work with all kinds of engine types. We can recondition engines, improve their performance, rebuild or build from scratch, and we can work with a wide variety of engines from high performance models to classic and vintage cars.

Thanks to our many years in the industry, all of our work is carried out to the highest possible standards. Whether we’re working to improve the performance of a race engine, or whether we’re rebuilding a classic car engine, you can be confident that the results that we deliver will be outstanding, all at a price that you can afford.

Our highly trained and skilled team boast every necessary skill to enable them to repair, recondition or complete units on most types of petrol or diesel car engine. We’re also specialists in working with a range of classic vehicle engines. We pay the closest attention to detail, working to high specifications so our customers will be completely satisfied.

No matter what service you are requiring, you can depend on our professional team to be of service. We are able to work with competition and race car engines, always sticking to your defined budget and working to your specific requirements. Not only that, but we are also specialists in the supply and fitting of Ford Cosworth engines.

Thanks to our cutting-edge facilities and spacious workshop, we have everything we require to guarantee your engine reconditioning project will run smoothly. We always work to concourse standard and we’ll never be happy until we are confident you’re satisfied with our workmanship.

Contact us today to learn more about the engine building service we can offer. There’s no job too small or too big for us to handle so give us a call.

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