Barum Engines Ltd offer a wide variety of IN-HOUSE machine shop services for all types of engines!  Whether your engine needs a freshen up or a full bespoke build, we have the machine shop equipment to get your engine performing at its best. Whether you have an american V8 or a 4 cylinder classic, we can help all types of engine to reach its’ potential. Barum Engines Ltd also specializes in decking blocks, piston valve pocket machining, bush installation, conrod resizing, cylinder head repairing, porting, performance valve cutting and valve seat fitting, boring for new pistons, plus honing with torque plates, crankshaft regrinding, crank assembly dynamic balancing and much more. Our cleaning, soda blasting and glass bead blasting makes sure your engine not only performs like it should but gives you a new, concourse look that we apply to all our engines. Barum Engines Ltd Engines has over 40 years of knowledge and skill to give you the machine work you want. We offer the most pro-racing, quality service around. You too can have Barum Engine power, performance and show looks!

Dynamic crank assembly balancing, makes you engine run as smooth as possible giving reliability and power, cant state enough how important this process is.

Flywheel refacing. To ensure a good surface finish and removal of all hot spots to ensure no clutch slip.

Crankshaft Grinding. We can restore your crankshaft journals to ensure it has a brand new finish and manufacturing tolerances are achieved.

Piston Pocketing. For bespoke and race engines running higher compression or higher lift camshafts, valve pockets are necessary to ensure the correct valve to piston clearance. We can machine any angle and diameter pockets in house.

Valve Seat Cutting. Our high accuracy CNC Valve Cutter will ensure your valve seal 100% efficiently on there seats and at the correct heights. We can cut 3 angle seats at a number of angles, also we can fit harder valve seats for running unleaded fuel in older vehicles, excellent conversion.

Cylinder Reboring. We rebore any cylinder from motorcycles too large commercial blocks, We can also fit liners to take cylinders back to original size.