Here at Barum Engines we offer a comprehensive range of engine reconditioning and building services. We are highly experienced at working with both new and classic vehicles as well as competition models, and thanks to our four decades in the industry, you can be confident that all work will be carried out to the highest standards. Here are some of the services that we can offer at highly competitive prices.

Most of our prices have a fixed rate and we can let you know those costs if you contact us for your free quotation.

B01Rebore and hone car cylinder£25.00Fixed
B02Rebore and hone commercial cylinder£35.00Fixed
B03Rebore and hone motorcycle barrel£30.00Fixed
B04Rebore and hone commercial barrel£35.00Fixed
B05Reface 4 cylinder car block£50.00Fixed
B06Reface 6 cylinder car block£55.00Fixed
B07Reface 4 cylinder commercial block£60.00Fixed
B08Reface 6 cylinder commercial block£70.00Fixed
B09Remove liner and fit new£40.00Fixed
B10Fit new liner and bore to std£50.00Fixed
B11Deglaze bore£7.50Fixed
B12Rebore and hone ‘v’ block cylinder£35.00Fixed
C01Resize conrod B/E housing£30.00Fixed
C02Resize conrod B/E housing – commercial£35.00Fixed
C03Fit S/E bush and hone to size – car£15.00Fixed
C04Fit S/E bush and hone to size – commercial£20.00Fixed
D01Reface brake disk – car£15.00Fixed
D02Reface brake disk – commercial£30.00Fixed
D03Reface brake drum – car£15.00Fixed
D04Reface brake drum – commercial£30.00Fixed
E01Reface exhaust manifold50.00Fixed
F01Reface flywheel – car – flat£45.00Fixed
F02Reface flywheel – car – stepped£50.00Fixed
F03Reface flywheel – commercial – flat£60.00Fixed
F04Reface flywheel – commercial – stepped£65.00Fixed
F05Lighten flywheel£60.00Fixed
F06Fit wheel bearing to hub£60.00Fixed
G01Regrind car journal£12.50Fixed
G02Regrind journal – commercial£17.50Fixed
G03Split crank, fit new rod and align£45.00Fixed
G04Dynamic balance of crank assembly£125.00Fixed
G05Static balance of piston assembly£15.00Fixed
G06Static balance of con-rod£15.00Fixed
G07Check and polish crank journal£3.00Fixed
H01Reface single cylinder head£25.00Fixed
H02Reface twin cylinder head£30.00Fixed
H03Reface 3 and 4 cylinder head – petrol£45.00Fixed
H04Reface angled cylinder head£50.00Fixed
H05Reface 3 and 4 cylinder head – diesel£50.00Fixed
H06Reface 5 and 6 cylinder head – petrol£55.00Fixed
H07Reface 5 and 6 cylinder head – diesel£60.00Fixed
H08Reface 3 and 4 cylinder head – commercial£50.00Fixed
H09Reface 5 and 6 cylinder head – commercial£60.00Fixed
H10Overhaul cylinder head – single 2 valve£35.00Fixed
H11Overhaul cylinder head – single 4 valve£40.00Fixed
H12Overhaul cylinder head – 6 cylinder OHC£160.00Fixed
H13Overhaul cylinder head – twin cylinder£45.00Fixed
H14Overhaul cylinder head – 3 cylinder£80.00Fixed
H14.5Overhaul cylinder head – 3 cylinder 16v£125.00Fixed
H15Overhaul cylinder head – 4 cylinder OHV£90.00Fixed
H16Overhaul cylinder head – 4 cylinder OHC£115.00Fixed
H17Overhaul cylinder head – 4 cylinder 16v£165.00Fixed
H18Overhaul cylinder head – 5 cylinder 10v£135.00Fixed
H19Overhaul cylinder head – 5 cylinder 20v£195.00Fixed
H20Overhaul cylinder head – 6 cylinder 12v£135.00Fixed
H21Overhaul cylinder head – 6 cylinder 24v£270.00Fixed
H22Overhaul cylinder head – 3 cylinder – commercial£90.00Fixed
H23Overhaul cylinder head – 4 cylinder – commercial£125.00Fixed
H24Overhaul cylinder head – 5 cylinder – commercial£145.00Fixed
H25Overhaul cylinder head – 6 cylinder – commercial£170.00Fixed
H26Hire of helicoil kit£10.00Fixed
L01General labour£50.00Hourly
L02Call out fee£50.00Fixed
L03Strip out valve gear and re-fit£35.00Fixed
L04Remove sheared stud/bolt etc£15.00Fixed
L05Drill, tap and fit helicoil£15.00Fixed
L06Fit spark plug helicoil£20.00Fixed
L07Fit piston to con-rod£10.00Fixed
L08Fit U/I bearing to propshaft£50.00Fixed
L09Clean hydraulic lifters£1.00Fixed
M01Machining labour – 1 hour£50.00Hourly
M02Machining labour – 1/2 hour£25.00Hourly
P01Pressure test cylinder head – 3 and 4 cylinder£45.00Fixed
P02Pressure test cylinder head – 5 and 6 cylinder£50.00Fixed
P03Pressure test cylinder head – 3 and 4 cylinder commercial£50.00Fixed
P04Pressure test cylinder head – 5 and 6 cylinder commercial£55.00Fixed
P05Pressure test car block – 3 and 4 cylinder£50.00Fixed
P06Pressure test car block – 5 and 6 cylinder£60.00Fixed
P07Pressure test car block – 3 and 4 cylinder commercial£55.00Fixed
P08Pressure test car block – 5 and 6 cylinder commercial£65.00Fixed
S01Strip labour£25.00Fixed
U01Unleaded conversion – 3 and 4 cylinder£175.00Fixed
U02Unleaded conversion – 5 and 6 cylinder£225.00Fixed
V01Reface valve seat£3.00Fixed
V02Reface valve seat – commercial£3.50Fixed
V03Set tappet clearences£40.00Fixed
V04Fit new valve guide£5.00Fixed
V05Fit valve guide insert + insert£10.00Fixed
V06Fit valve seat insert£25.00Fixed
V07Fit valve seat insert – commercial£30.00Fixed
V08Vacuum test valves£5.00Fixed
X01B.A.P delivery£6.50Fixed
X02County delivery£4.00Fixed